Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

When you partner with Anchor Technical Services you can be assured that we place an emphasis on clear communication and open information sharing. Our approach to understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling your technical staffing needs is uniquely tailored to your success. Responses to the frequently asked questions below are intended to provide your organization with the information that you need regarding our team, our services, and our experience.


Q. Where do you source your candidates from?
A. We have a wide variety of recruiting resources including all the major job boards and have relationships with all the major colleges in the area. We also utilize many of the social networking websites available including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Every company tends to pull candidates from the same “pool” but our recruiters seek out passive candidates through referrals. These candidates are usually your best employees and may not be advertising themselves through the typical methods. They may be seeking other opportunities due to company stability and career growth but are generally happy with their current situation.

Q. Staffing is an incredibly competitive industry, what advantage do you bring to the table?
A. With being a smaller, local company, we know the areas in which we work. As everyone knows, the DC/Baltimore area is famous for traffic and knowing the area so well, we will not submit candidates that are not in a reasonable, commutable distance. Also the time we spend asking all the qualifying questions of potential candidates. We will not submit any resume for review until we are satisfied that there is a perfect match on both the client and candidate side. Hammering out issues like salary and reasons for leaving a current situation are just a few of the topics that our recruiters cover through multiple conversations. Pricing and flexibility of terms is another advantage that we bring to any relationship. We are not bound by a set of corporate guidelines that dictate the rules no matter who the client is. We conform our terms and pricing according to the client.

Q. Are you local?
A. Yes. We have 2 offices in the Baltimore area - Glen Burnie and Philadelphia

Q. What is your area of specialty?
A. The areas of recruitment that we specialize in include: Scientific, IT, Engineering, Environmental, Light Industrial, Clerical/Admin., and Financial positions. We are divided into divisions with each one handling a specific discipline. Each division also has their own dedicated group of recruiters that do not cross recruit. Having the ability to dedicate each recruiter to one specific discipline allows them to understand the clients, positions, and technical skill sets much more thoroughly. Also, it allows them to keep up on industry trends and news related to their positions.

Q. How well do you know the candidates that you submit for review?
A. We have a very thorough “lock down” process that includes multiple conversations regarding interest in the position, salary requirements, commute, past employment, past working environments, and career ambitions. We can also conduct in depth reference checks, offer background and drug screening services. We require that any potential candidate give us reasons why they are interested in the position, would like to join our clients staff, and learn about the company and their services and/or products. We also provide on line testing services to understand the depth of a candidate’s specific knowledge of a required skill. This testing is dependent on the position and is not offered for all positions. We will honor the requests of any specific client for a particular test that they feel is necessary and we will administer at your request.

Q. Do you offer benefits for contractors?
A. Yes. We can offer a contractor benefits through a discounted program.

Q. I often have projects that need people “yesterday”, can you be counted on to deliver candidates in a pinch?
A. We are not a 9-5 company. We typically arrive early, stay late, and work weekends to ensure that our client has the personnel that is needed. We will go above and beyond to make certain that any requirement is filled on time.

“ATS stands apart from other recruiters through their commitment to customer service and meeting their customer's needs.”

“I can honestly say that I have found ATS to be nothing less than extremely professional from the onset of our relationship.”

“I would like to express my appreciation to Anchor Staffing for the fine job they have done in placing associates at American I.V.”